Parenting Advice Family Therapy
Parenting Advice               Family Therapy

The first appointment is called a consultation. At this meeting we will discuss the following possibilites:


Parent Advice Sessions 

Three or six fortnightly appointments. 

  • Each session offers practical parenting advice.
  • Sometimes children may be included in one or more sessions.
  • Suitable for families where there are mild to moderate issues.


Family Therapy

Fortnightly sessions for six appointments, with a review in session six. Then extendable to twelve sessions if appropriate.

  • From experience, positive changes can be made within a few sessions (although longstanding problems may take longer). 
  • Suitable for families where there are moderate to more complex issues. This includes families with children, teenagers or adult families who want to improve thier communication with one another.


Most sessions take place fortnightly or monthly.  I find that these intervals between sessions allow time for families to put new ideas into practice. 


Sometimes a one-off meeting may be enough to move things forward or I may recommend other resources or signpost elsewhere. 




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