Parenting Advice and Family Therapy in South London  


I offer two options for families: parenting advice and family therapy.

Practical parenting advice can be very helpful for dealing with issues in childhood and the teenage years. Parenting children in the 21st Century is more complex than in days gone by and often parents and carers feel confused or overwhelmed by the amount of differing advice available.

I also offer family therapy which, as the name implies, involves thinking about everyone in the family. The aim here is usually to improve communication between family members. Some or all family members may come to these sessions.  

My practice is in Honor Oak, near Brockley and Lewisham, in South London.

If you wish to consider booking an appointment, please see the contact section of this website. I am happy to have a brief chat on the phone to discuss how I may help if this is preferred prior to booking an appointment







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